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Wordvice: Let Your Writing Spring!

At Wordvice, our client’s successes are ours. Accordingly, our mission is to help researchers, scholars, students, writers and other professionals craft clear, compelling stories. Whether a research article, dissertation, thesis or admissions essay, we aim to preserve an author’s voice and underlying message while revising the more technical and organizational aspects of that author’s writing.

Currently, Wordvice operates in six countries, including the United States (, Turkey (, China (, Taiwan (, Japan (, and Korea ( We have service agreements with many universities, academic societies, medical institutions, and laboratories. We are also expanding our business areas, including a business e-mail learning course ( We are looking forward to working with passionate and prospective individuals.

We currently operate in five countries and are actively expanding our team by recruiting qualified freelance translators from a variety of academic fields. Available work is assigned based on suitable background experience and availability. We have deadlines that range from nine hours to one week, depending on our clients’ requests. Although we have fixed due dates, our independent contract translators can work from any location with access to stable internet and Microsoft Word and are free to designate their own availability and the workload they can handle. Compensation is based on document word count and the turnaround time specified by clients.

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